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Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

The Mass readings for 11-7-17 have a lot to say. The first one was Romans 12:5-16. It’s a recipe for Christian community. Verses 6-8 speak of the so-called motivational gifts. Every Christian has one dominant gift. It’s the thing we’re best at. It’s the thing that comes easiest to us. It’s the thing we enjoy the most. That’s the area where we should devote most of our time and efforts. That’s how we will contribute most effectively to the Body of Christ.

Our primary gift area may be prophecy. People with that gift are good at speaking the truth, whether popular or not, whether politically correct or not. We need those people. We need to hear them. Some have the motive gift of Christian service. They really love to serve, and they’re good at it. We need them. Some people have the motive gift of teaching. They love studying the word of God and teaching it. They make great teachers and we benefit from their teaching. Some have the gift of exhortation. They always seem to know the right thing to say. They encourage us, support us and build us up. They make good counselors. Some have the gift of giving. They love to give. They’re extremely generous. God often blesses such people with great financial resources so they can use this gift to the fullest. Some have the gift of giving aid. They love to help people who are going through difficult situations. They provide great comfort.  Some have the motive gift of mercy. They manifest God’s love and forgiveness. They show great sympathy and empathy. A Christian community functions best when there are people with each of the motive gifts serving in their particular gift area.

The problem in many churches is that you have a few people trying to do everything. They’re trying to do things that are not within their motive gift area. They’re not really very good at those things and they don’t really enjoy doing them. Meanwhile, there are people in the congregation whose motive gifts are not being used. They would love to minister in those areas and the congregation would greatly benefit from it.

As you read today’s first reading I would encourage you to ask yourself what your motive gift is. Better yet, ask God. Then, seek opportunities to minister in those areas.

The Gospel was Luke 14:15-24. You’ve been invited to the kingdom of God. It’s the most important invitation you’ll ever receive. Make sure you accept it. Some people refuse the invitation. Some ignore it. Some make excuses. But what could be more important than going to heaven? It’s more important than anything on earth. This is the one banquet we can’t afford to miss.