Today’s Gospel reading was John 6:30-35.  The people want a sign so they can see and believe in Jesus.  In the desert God gave them bread from heaven to eat.  They’re expecting a miracle like that.  But faith cannot be proved.  If we believe only what we can see, it’s not really faith.  Jesus has already given them signs.  They’ve seen his miracles.  They’ve seen his healings.  They’ve seen his multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Yet they still don’t believe.  For those who believe, no sign is required.  For those who don’t believe, no sign is sufficient.  Jesus himself is the greatest sign.  He is the living bread sent by God from heaven to sustain us for all eternity.  And no one who comes to him will be rejected.

A lot of people today know about Jesus but they don’t know him.  They don’t believe in him.  So how do we come to believe in Jesus?  Sunday’s Gospel reading provides an answer.  It was the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35. The disciples saw Jesus, walked with him, and talked with him.  But they didn’t recognize him at first.  They came to recognize him through hearing the word of God and in the breaking of the bread.  We too come to recognize Jesus by hearing the word of God and then in the breaking of the bread, the Eucharist.

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