The Mass readings for today were Isaiah 49:8-15, Psalm 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18; and John 5:17-30.  The word that jumped out at me in these readings was the simple word “all”.  The Psalm says God is good to “all”;   not only to the righteous and just, not only to those who deserve it or earn it.  He is good to everyone.  He’s good to saints and sinners, righteous and unrighteous, just and unjust, those who go to church and those who don’t, those who believe in him and those who don’t.  His compassion is on “all” that he has made.  He upholds “all” who are falling.  He raises up “all” who are bowed down.  Again, “all” means everyone.  He is faithful in all his words.  He will do everything he says he will do.  We can put our full trust in his word.  He is just in all his ways.  He will never be unfair.  He is kind in all his doings.  Everything God does is kind.  He wants everyone to be saved.  That’s good news for all of us isn’t it?

The reading from John’s Gospel says that Jesus does whatever the Father does.  So he is also good to all, has compassion on all, upholds all who are falling, raises up all who are bowed down, is just in all his ways, faithful to all his words, and kind in everything he does.  The Isaiah reading says that God answers us, gives us favor, gives us salvation, feeds us, quenches our thirst, comforts us, has compassion on us and never forgets us.  So Jesus does all of that too.  Furthermore, Jesus says the day is coming when all the dead will hear his voice, and all who hear it will live.  It doesn’t say that only those who died believing in him will hear his voice.  Everyone will hear him.  Everyone will somehow be given a chance for salvation and eternal life.  Everyone will somehow be given an opportunity to accept or reject Jesus.  But why wait?  Why not accept Jesus today and receive all these blessings now?


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