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Welcome to “Blogging in the Spirit”

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

I’m not a priest or an official spokesperson for the Catholic church, although my book (Confessions of a Born Again Catholic) does have the Imprimatur (meaning “let it be written”) and the Nihil Obstat (“no objections”) from the Catholic church.  What I am is a born again, Spirit filled, Bible believing,  Catholic attorney who loves the Word of God and has spent a great deal of time studying it.  Many of the Blog posts are simply my reflections on the Mass readings of the day.  Where scripture verses are given, I would encourage the reader to look them up and read them for yourself, then read the Blog post.  Ask God what He’s saying to you in these readings.  If you feel lead to do so, you can add your comments by clicking on the comment tab below the post.  If the tab says “No Comments” you can be the first one.  If the tab shows a number (such as 6 Comments) you can add your comment and join in the conversation.

The intent of this Blog is that it be God centered and faith filled.  The purpose is not to argue, criticize, gossip or use language that will not give glory to God.  We are interested in your insights and reflections on the Blog posts and the scripture references.  We are also interested in what God is doing in your life, how He has ministered to you,  your answered prayers, testimonies, praise reports, prayer requests and reflections on God’s Word.  Finally, this is a Catholic website, and we welcome your positive comments and experiences regarding the Catholic faith.

Thank you for visiting this website and Blog.  God be with you.

Daniel F. Wiegand

Blog moderator and author of  “Confessions of a Born Again Catholic”.